We do a really amazing Accent facial here. We developed a protocol that gives results that you can see right away.

Accent radiofrequency treatments have no downtime. In fact, this would be an excellent treatment to do on the day of a big event to look a smoother and tighter.

Here are some pictures:

BEFORE What I see here are enlarged pores leading to a dull skin texture, a jowl extending into the neck, lines in the neck, under the chin and around the mouth.

AFTER After 2 Accent facials, the skin looks smoother and the pores more refined. The lines are greatly softened; I can barely see the lines in the neck. The jowl is a lot smaller.

The results you see for the first couple of days after an Accent facial are caused by the tightening of the existing collagen in the face. That collagen relaxes again so the results appear to regress at first but in the subsequent weeks, your body makes new collagen leading to a lasting tightening effect.