We all want to look our best – all the time.

When we look good, we feel confident.

But sometimes, we need a little help. Whether it’s to soften the natural effect aging can have on your looks. Or address some unwanted consequence of genetics. Maybe, you simply want to give yourself a boost.

Whatever the reason, more and more women and men are finally making a conscious decision to gift themselves with the look they want – and deserve.

And many are turning to Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa to make that happen.

For over 6 years, we’ve been providing our clients with scientific, non-surgical solutions that combat the effects of sun damage, aging, excess hair, hair loss and stubborn fat.

Every one of our services is safe, effective and rooted in science using the latest medical technology.

Most importantly, they leave you looking like you – naturally.

Some treatments like Botox® Cosmetic, have been producing dramatic results for years. Others, like Cool Sculpting™ which is designed to eliminate stubborn fatty deposits, represent the very latest in medical breakthroughs.

Whatever your needs, our personalized assessment consultation – scheduled at your convenience – will help us identify the most effective treatment for you.

Our services for women and men fall into five categories:

Anti-Aging – Nature is a powerful force and human tissue often needs help to withstand its effect. The impact of wrinkles and sagging skin can be softened once the correct treatment for you has been identified and applied.

Body Treatments – Primarily designed to change the look and appearance of your body – without surgery. Stubborn pockets of fat are the main targets of the treatments in this category.

Skin Care Treatments – Many highly visual skin conditions like acne, rosacea and brown spots (pigmented lesions) can affect self-esteem. Treatments in this category can be life-changing in a relatively short time.

Hair Restoration – Unwanted hair growth can be embarrassing and create paralyzing self-consciousness. Our treatments address the unique needs of women and men.

To learn more about the treatment that’s right for you, please review our individual services we offer by clicking on the category that best describes your situation or call us at 905-340-0401 to set up a complimentary phone or in-person consultation.

Take the first step to a better you.