Even when we eat right and exercise, our bodies can store excess fat in places that are less than flattering. If you want to change the look and appearance of your body, without surgery, Advanced Rejuvenation Medial Spa in Burlington has a variety of body treatments that target those stubborn pockets of fat that keep us from looking our best. All of our treatments are safe – and effective!

Cool Sculpting

Introducing CoolScupting, a new and revolutionary fat elimination process that is designed to help contour your body.

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Injection Lipolysis is a revolutionary method of targeted fat reduction.

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Cellulite Removal

One of the most exciting developments in cosmetic medicine is the use radiofrequency (RF) waves and injectables to improve the shape and appearance of the body – without surgery.

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EmsculptNeo is a treatment that combines radiofrequency to shrink fat and tighten skin and electromagnetic stimulation to build muscle.

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