Thinning hair.

To the millions of women and men who suffer from this condition, the very words conjure up feelings of anxiety, frustration and the dreaded thought that it will continue.

Imagine if there was a way to not only stop your hair from thinning but actually getting it to start growing again?

Well, there is – and it’s called Illumiwave 180.

This revolutionary, pain-free laser biostimulation treatment uses a low-level laser to stimulate metabolism in the scalp and start the process of hair restoration.

And so far, the results are astounding.

Studies in the US have revealed that 100% of men and women who took part experienced stabilization of hair loss.

But here’s the real breakthrough discovery – over three quarters of those studied experienced hair regrowth at a degree of 25%-40%!

Laser Biostmulation sets off a chain reaction of cellular events, increasing protein synthesis, cell division, tissue regeneration and micro-circulation to the scalp.

Most patients will see hair loss stop within 3 months and hair regrowth that can be seen as early as 6 months.

Can you imagine how having 40% more thicker, stronger and healthier hair growing out of your scalp would make you feel – without painful, expensive surgery?

Not only that, there are no pills to take. No messy lotions to apply to your scalp. No chemical or hormonal imbalances associated with laser treatment.

Advanced Rejuvenation offers safe and effective treatments for hair restoration at our medical spa in Burlington. Our relaxing atmosphere and caring staff will nurture you, body and soul, while our advanced technologies repair and rejuvenate.

Note: Laser biostimulation does not work if you are completely bald or have certain medical conditions.

Take the first step to a better you.