You may have heard about the Boob Job Bandit, a woman who purchased $12,000-worth of cosmetic services from 2 Newport Beach clinics using a stolen credit card.

Her stolen purchases included liposuction and new breast implants to replace an old set.

She has now been captured and it was the old breast implants that revealed her identity as 30-year old Yvonne Pampellone.

All implants have a unique identification number. This is classic CSI: unidentified DB (dead body) turns out to have some kind of implant, somewhere — I’ve seen breast, cochlear, even intervertebral disc (that was the episode where the daughter killed her mother and disposed of her in the trash, I believe).

The CSIs check the number on the implant and, voila! They have the identity of the victim.

Same thing with the Boob Job Bandit. Her old implants have resulted in her being charged with identity theft, grand theft and commercial burglary.

She should have paid more attention to CSI.

Did she really think new boobs and a little less fat was worth risking a criminal record? The mind boggles.