You may have noticed that I had put a poll in the right-hand column inviting people to vote on whether they would like to be chosen for the 10 Years Younger program. I had to take the poll down because it wasn’t counting votes properly so here is your opportunity to express yourself.

Would you like to be chosen for the 10 Years Younger program? Is there something about yourself that you feel makes you seem older than you are?

Remember, our program is working on both internal and external factors so you can mention moods, attitudes or behaviours, in addition to outward signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots and so on.

One thing I experienced, that I would like to share with you, is how I felt before I had any rejuvenating treatments. I didn’t feel old inside but because I looked so haggard in the mirror, I interpreted myself as older.

For example, I couldn’t get into the purses that were in style, oversized and with pockets, fringe, texture and so on. I just didn’t like them. My interpretation of that reaction was that I must be turning into a fuddy duddy because I couldn’t relate. After I started looking younger on the outside, I was no longer worried about not liking the current purse style because I didn’t feel like I was getting old any more.

The whole purse thing seems mundane but it really illustrates for me how our attitudes and reactions on the inside are linked to how we feel about our outward appearance. It’s like the study I mentioned here about BOTOX® Cosmetic and depression; I don’t know why the major depression resolved in the people treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic but it did. You can take a step towards feeling better on the inside by looking better on the outside.

If you could change anything, what would it be?