It’s not unusual at Advanced Rejuvenation to have a client who is afraid of the treatment, especially an injection-based treatment. The way I help him or her get through the treatment is to use techniques of relaxation and guided meditation.

Meditation is something I have done on a regular basis since my teenage years. I needed it a lot during medical school to give me the energy and clear-headedness to cope with the hours of study and tests and assignments.

After medical school, as I got busier and busier with my career, I got out of the habit of doing meditation. I found that when I went back to it, my old techniques were difficult to focus on and no longer as effective as they had been. I needed some help to get my focus back.

I was searching on the internet and came across the Silva Ultramind site. I signed up for the free online course, which included a recording of a guided meditation. The recording and the instructions were very helpful in helping me achieve a deep level of relaxation.

Now I’m able to meditate very easily and I can help others get into a relaxed state of mind easily. I have used these techniques to calm down patients in the operating room and the ICU when I was working in the hospital. My manager at Advanced Rejuvenation, Lauren, faints in the presence of needles. I was able to talk her down to a deep level of relaxation in order to inject filler in her cheeks. Not only was she able to tolerate the procedure calmly but she didn’t bruise afterwards!

If you want to learn meditation on your own, I highly recommend that you check out the Silva free online course. They have other stuff available for purchase, of course, such as books, recordings and courses. After I did the online course, I ended up going to a weekend seminar and learned so much. I really advanced my mental powers. However, the free online course is enough to get you meditating on your own.