On Saturday, June 28th, we hosted the second Canadian training course for doctors for the NETWORK Lipolysis technique of Lipodissolve (a.k.a. injection lipolysis).

I was advised in 2006 to get into doing lipodissolve so I looked around on the internet at various training courses and discovered the NETWORK Lipolysis group. I took my first training course with them in January 2007 in the US.

What attracted me to the NETWORK was that it was a group of physicians who were dedicated to sharing information to ensure that fat-melting treatments were done with the best protocols for optimal results and safety. The NETWORK sponsors research on various aspects of injection lipolysis.

Another big factor that attracted me to the NETWORK is that they collect data on every patient treated and publish papers. When the NETWORK publishes a paper describing 60,000 lipodissolve treatments, you know that their results are valid, reliable and that the treatment is safe.

I feel secure doing fat-melting injections using the NETWORK Lipolysis protocols because I have the benefit of all of the collected experience of the 1000+ other doctors who belong to the NETWORK.

I’m now the Canadian Representive for the NETWORK and a certified NETWORK trainer.

The next Canadian training course is in Montreal in September. If you are a doctor interested in obtaining training from the NETWORK, click here.