We’re planning to close Advanced Rejuvenation for the weekend of June 20 – 22, 2008 so that all of our team can attend a very special event.

We will keep extended hours during the week preceding so that we can accommodate everyone’s treatments so I hope that the folks who are used to coming on a Friday or Saturday won’t mind coming on a weekday evening.

Originally, Laura and I were going to hold the fort at Advanced Rejuvenation that weekend since I have already attended this event once and Laura was going to go at a different time but the logistics weren’t working out for Laura so Lauren (the manager here) and I thought that it was important that everyone goes in June.

Where are we going?

The Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. On the face of it, this is a course about learning how to make and manage money and become a millionaire but its impact is far more widespread throughout your life.

You will come to understand how your attitudes and actions have created the life you have now and how you can change them to create the life you want. You will break through mental and emotional blockages that have held you back. The weekend is exhausting and exhilarating.

I feel so strongly that this is a positive life-changing event for everyone that I’m making sure that all of my team can attend.

Here’s why we felt the urgency to have everyone attend in June (and why I feel that I have to share the details here on the blog). Right now you can get 2 free tickets to the Millionaire Mind Intensive — a $2,590 value — by buying T. Harv Eker’s book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind but this program will end as of the Toronto seminar.

The other thing that is kind of exciting is that Harv himself will be at the Toronto seminar.

For anyone looking to attend the seminar who needs a different date or location, you can find all of the MMI seminars that will be taking place prior to Toronto’s here. I have received word that Harv will only be at the Secaucus, NJ and Toronto, ON seminars this spring.

If anyone is interested in joining us or attending the MMI at one of the other locations, all you have to do is buy the book (the link for Amazon Canada is in the right hand margin; for other countries, click here) and then book the tickets here.

If you have been feeling that you wanted to be more successful, wealthy or happy and didn’t know what to do, your solution is here. Don’t let yourself be talked out of it.