Let’s face it: how you look affects your success and your opportunities. In tough economic times, anything that gives you an edge is worthwhile.

Various studies have shown that if your looks are below average, your income will be 5 – 10% below average; if you’re blessed with above average looks, your paycheque will be 5% above average too.

And it’s not just about attractiveness; age and the appearance of age is becoming increasing important in the marketplace.

Nowadays we are seeing older employees working for younger bosses. If you look significantly older than everyone else, you may be subject to age bias. Younger co-workers and supervisors may think that you don’t have any new ideas to offer or that you’re not savvy about new trends and technology.

Whether a front-line worker or an executive, you may be subject to age discrimination. This article discusses perceptions of age bias among corporate executives:

An interesting finding is that 73.7% of executives believe they have lost a job opportunity because of their age.

So what are the solutions?

You can rework your resume to cloud how old you are. You can get coaching to help you learn how to avoid the pitfalls of acting your age. Or you can have treatments to help yourself look younger.

As the psychiatrist said to the plastic surgeon:

“Why spend years talking to a therapist about my self-esteem when I can spend two hours on your operating table and eliminate the issue altogether?”

My experience has been that erasing the signs of aging from my face has made me feel younger inside. It’s a chicken-and-egg phenomenon: people started treating me as if I were younger and I started feeling younger, which made me act younger so people treated me as if I were younger.

We know that botox treatments relieve depression and stress.

Nowadays the treatments that erase the years from your face are widely available, safe, long-lasting and do not require surgery. The cost of the services is a fraction of what you would pay for a good facelift and the results are more natural-looking.

Don’t spend any more time worrying about your looks. Come and get some help.