In 2001, before I got into this business, we had a big family wedding. My cousin who is 10 years older than me, came over from England and she looked amazing — radiant, natural, with clear smooth skin.

She definitely didn’t look like she’d had a facelift and she wasn’t saying what she’d done to look so good. In retrospect, knowing what else was going on in her family, I’m pretty sure she had discovered medical spa treatments.

Another great story along these lines was told to me by another doctor. He had a male client in his late 50’s who had a very weathered face, sunken cheeks, sagging skin and bulging lower lids. The client was attending his daughter’s wedding in 2 weeks and the ex-wife was going to be there so the man decided he’d better spruce himself up.

My colleague gave this man a liquid facelift using fillers (no surgery) and restored all the hollowed out areas. Putting filler in the cheeks even smoothed out the lower eyelids. The man looked about 15 years younger and very natural.

Imagine what it would feel like to go to a family reunion and have everyone saying “wow, you look amazing” rather than “wow, you’re looking more and more like your mother”. It’s a real confidence-booster.

To me, the transformation of my cousin and my colleague’s client is the ideal of what I am trying to achieve in my practice: helping people look their radiant best, without surgery.

If you have a big event in your future, we have lots of different treatments that will help you look your best without looking like you’ve had anything “done”.

In upcoming posts, I will talk about various concerns you might have and what sort of schedule you want to allow to have them dealt with.

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