More and more men are trying medical cosmetic treatments like Botox. As the competition becomes fiercer in business, men want to appear more relaxed, healthy and vital.

I came across this article from the British Times Online where a man describes his own experience of having Botox for forehead creases and frown lines.

Despite being in my early twenties, I found that I loved that frozen feeling. Being acutely aware of the ageing effects of the sun, booze and just about everything else I’ve enjoyed in my life, I’m less interested in turning back the clock than stopping it altogether. As with antiwrinkle creams, it’s good to start young as they work better as preventatives than curatives. Botox is no different. As its hold wore off, my forehead remained smooth. The lines had gone, and because I couldn’t move my brow for four months, I’d trained myself out of doing so, exempting me from wrinkles in later life (I like to think). And, being younger, those who didn’t know about my Botox jabs never suspected a thing. I merely looked rested, rather than like a cast member of Desperate Housewives.

I’ve recently gone back for more, after noticing two little frown lines had appeared. So, aged 27, Franklin gave me a few more shots to iron me out, persuading me to have just a tiny dose. “The muscles in your forehead aren’t huge like an older man’s,” she said, “so you won’t need much.”

Six months on, I still haven’t frowned and have never been asked if I’ve been “done”; people just think I’m nonjudgmental and get eight hours’ sleep a night. Who could want for more?

It’s very important with Botox and any cosmetic treatments for men that you make sure that your practitioner does things differently for men and women.

For instance, with women, I strive to open up the eye area, lifting the brow and giving lots of lid show. This gives women a very pretty, feminine, refreshed look. This pattern of treatment would look effeminate on many men.

Botox is a great tool in the right hands, giving a relaxed look that is not frozen.

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