Injection lipolysis or lipodissolve isn’t a branded treatment sponsored by a big drug company so there’s no funding for the kind of advertising campaigns that you see for Botox, Restylane or Thermage.

It’s a treatment that started in Italy and Brazil within the past 20 years and has since spread around the world. Practitioners are using all kinds of recipes and injection protocols to administer the treatment and most of these recipes and protocols are based on opinion, not evidence.

With the NETWORK Lipolysis group, a core group of scientifically-minded doctors studied the results they were getting with the original Brazilian protocols and decided that the protocols weren’t right.

The Brazilian protocol calls for injecting a larger volume widely spaced for each individual needle puncture but a smaller total dose per treatment and frequent treatments every 2 weeks.

This style of injecting can make dents appear in the skin because too much fat is melted at each injection site and the sites are too far apart. The doctors in the NETWORK did research to show that a smaller volume closer together was ideal for creating an even layer of fat melting so the skin is smooth after the treatment.

NETWORK doctors also realised that the body’s reaction to the treatment lasted longer than 2 weeks and did research to determine that the optimal time between treatments was 8 weeks.

When you have a fat-melting treatment from a NETWORK Lipolysis member, you know that the treatment is based on scientific fact, not opinion.

The compound that we inject contains only components that improve your results and nothing extra that might cause increased side effects.

When you look around on the internet, you’ll find all kinds of places offering lipodissolve. You’ll find a wide variety of prices, treatment schedules and packages. You’ll read horror stories and see amazing before and after pictures. It’s bewildering. Most places won’t even tell you what compound they are injecting so it’s difficult to judge who to trust.

I promise you that fat-melting injections are very safe and effective in the right person, when done by a properly trained practitioner. Please be careful that you choose a practitioner who will properly assess your suitability for this treatment and give you lots of information about what to expect.

If you choose to go with a NETWORK Lipolysis member, you can feel secure that you will be getting a safe, effective treatment. To find a NETWORK Lipolysis member anywhere in the world, click here.