I have talked in previous posts about the injection process of Sculptra.

Each vial of Sculptra is diluted to a volume of 6 mLs so the placement of 6 mLs of fluid under the skin gives you a preview of what you’ll look like when the Sculptra has stimulated collagen formation in your skin.

This photo was taken after I had finished injecting the right side of the face and just started on the left (hence the spot of blood on the left cheek). We had cleaned off the right side and done the massage.

My client wanted to see the difference before and after the injections and was so struck by the changes that she insisted I take a picture and then very kindly agreed to let me post it on the internet.

This is the second set of Sculptra injections for this client. The first set restored a little bit of volume to the face generally.

With the second set of injections, I was focusing on building up the nice swoop of the cheek, filling in the temple, building up the tissues around the nose and firming up the chin.

Granted, on the left side of the face she has thick black marks accentuating every line. These are my markings to guide my injections.

However, I think you can see a big improvement in the right temple compared with the hollowness of the left. Look how high her brow is on the right. Her left cheek looks saggy and deflated compared with the right.

You can see how the Sculptra is going to build up the tissues around the nose; the untreated side is much deeper than the treated. Her chin also looks a lot smoother on the right, treated side.

I find it so gratifying to inject Sculptra and see the preview of how the volume is going to be restored. This preview last 2 or 3 days, then regresses. It will take 4 – 6 months from the first injection to see the full effect of the Sculptra.