We are in the middle of a project that is so fun, so gratifying and so absorbing that I have not been writing on this site for a while.

Yes, that’s right, it’s time once again for 10 Years Younger in Burlington!

We had quite a number of applicants this year and every one of them deserved a 10 years younger transformation. It wasn’t easy to winnow down the applicants to our top 10, and then to our top 5.

Once we had our top 5 applicants, we were really sweating bullets trying to decide who would be The One. Each applicant had a compelling story. Each applicant had a particular sign of aging that other people would relate to; we knew the correction of each individual’s problem would create a transformation that would amaze our readers.

Then we received the most wonderful good news: Allergan, the maker of BOTOX® Cosmetic
and Juvederm, agreed to provide SoftLifts to all 5 women.

Once we had Allergan on board, it was a no-brainer for all of the participating businesses, Advanced Rejuvenation, Art in Hair, Beth Parojcic, Dr. Bekesch, Mia Boutique, The Ornatrix, and Sparkle 2 Go to provide various products and services for all 5 women. And our wonderful photographer, Melanie Gillis, photographed them all.

This has really been an exciting month for us, seeing 5 women transformed in their faces, their hair, their smiles, clothing style and internally as well. They have become fast friends, calling themselves The Fabulous Five — and they really are fabulous!

Go over to the 10 Years Younger in Burlington site to check them all out. Join us on Friday May 29th at 5050 Restaurant (corner of Locust and Elgin in Burlington) at 7 pm to see them revealed.

Come and share this magical experience with us!