Hair loss is an issue near and dear to my heart. My hair has been thinning since my early 30s and it got much worse a couple of years ago.

I keep looking for solutions… and now I have something really revolutionary.

Introducing the Illumiwave 180 — Laser Biostimulation for Hair Rejuvenation!

Let me explain:
The Illumiwave uses low-level laser to stimulate metabolism in the scalp, setting off a chain reaction of cellular events, increasing protein synthesis, cell division, tissue regeneration and micro-circulation to the scalp.

What does this mean for you?


In US studies, 100% of men and women experienced stabilization of hair loss.
A lot of people who are losing their hair say that if only they could stop losing any more, they would be happy.

Hair regrowth occurred in 75 – 96% of individuals studied, depending on gender and the location of hair loss.


The degree of hair regrowth was around 25 – 40%.
If your hair is thinning, how happy would you be to have 40% more hairs growing out of your scalp?

The growing hairs are also thicker, stronger and healthier.
If your hair is breaking easily or has regressed to peach fuzz, wouldn’t you like to see it returned to strong, healthy strands?

Advantages of Illumiwave 180 Laser Biostimulation


This is not painful, expensive surgery. The laser treatment is completely pain-free. And some hair transplantation clinics are using laser biostimulation in conjunction with surgery to improve results.

There are no pills to take and no messy lotions to apply to your scalp.

There are no chemical or hormonal imbalances associated with laser treatment. In fact, low-level laser is useful for healing wounds and treating certain medical conditions.


Note: Laser biostimulation does not work if you are completely bald or have certain medical conditions. If you are losing your hair but not bald yet, it is best to start this treatment sooner rather than later.