Lipodissolve is going great!

We have completed the 8-week treatment cycle on our first clients treated with Lipodissolve and the results have been better than expected.

I was a little concerned because the folks treated in November would be completing their treatment cycle through the holiday season so I thought that the results might be minimized by holiday weight gain.

The good news is that even people who gained weight over the holidays (and we all gained weight) saw a reduction in size in the treatment area. One woman who had her saddlebags treated gained 2 or 3 kg and lost 3 cm per thigh.

The other good news is that almost everyone has come back for a second treatment, either in the same location or a different location so no one had trouble tolerating the treatment.

For those of you who missed it, I put up a slideshow of before-and-after pictures here. These pictures are from other NETWORK-Lipolysis members, primarily Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner. I have a growing collection of B-&-A’s on my own clients that you can view in my clinic.

I put up a couple of posts on Lipodissolve in December 2007. Here are the links:

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