We were honored to take part in the evaluation of new serum that Vivier has just released.

It’s called C E Kinerol. Kinerol is a complex of peptides that stimulates growth of skin cells and important components of the framework of the skin. The vitamin C and E components give the serum powerful antioxidant effects and vitamin C lightens the skin and stimulates collagen production.

We recruited a bunch of people to try the serum and saw within one to two days that they all developed a beautiful glow to their skin. This is typical of all of Vivier’s Vitamin C serums so I didn’t think much of it at the time. What really blew me away was comparing the Before and After photos.

Here are the Before pictures of one of our participants
Here is what she looked like after 4 weeks of using the serum morning and night:

This is actually my sister so I can attest to the truth and accuracy of this story.

My sister was really bothered by those dark circles around her eyes. When I first saw the After UV picture on the right, I thought there must be something wrong with my camera system. The brown pigment is lightened everywhere, including on her upper eyelids.

I called my sister immediately: “Uh, are you putting the serum on your upper lids?”

When I had originally shown her how to use the serum, I’d demonstrated putting it on the lower lids but it’s really not recommended for the upper lids. She admitted that she started putting it on her upper lids when she saw the pigment improving below her eyes.

So this degree of improvement in the dark circles around her eyes is based on 4 weeks use on the lower lids and maybe 2 weeks use on the upper!

My sister also found that the texture of her skin improved a lot becoming smoother and tighter. Overall, her skin has less redness and looks more pearly in the daylight photographs.

My sister’s results are not unusual. Everyone who participated in the study was positive about the products. We have lots of other good Before and After pictures showing excellent improvement in the skin.

Another interesting finding was the response of the men in the study. We enrolled a few men who previously didn’t have a regular skincare routine and they loved the products. They didn’t find that it was a bother to do a good skincare routine AND they loved the way their skin felt.

If you’re looking for something to lighten and brighten your skin, improve the texture and reduce wrinkles, try C E Kinerol serum from Vivier.