I’ve complained in a previous post about a product advertised on the msn homepage that promised to transform a very wrinkled face to a smooth one so I felt a little funny writing the title of this post.

However, SkinMedica has a new product (to Canada at least) called TNS Line Refine that really works.

This is my friend Kelly. We put the Line Refine around her left eye (on the right side of the image) and waited 5 minutes. Then we took this picture.

I think you’ll agree with me that, although you can still see some lines on the treated side, they are much softer than on the untreated side.

Here’s how it works so fast:
I’ve talked before about certain peptides that have muscle relaxant effects. The eye area is especially responsive to creams containing these peptides because the skin is thin and the muscles are small.

TNS Line Refine contains a similar peptide that kicks in within 5 minutes to decrease muscle action.

Another ingredient that works quickly is hyaluronic acid filling spheres. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body. You would find it between your cells where it serves the purpose of holding water in place.

When applied topically, hyaluronic acid increases the moisture levels in the superficial layers of the skin. Hyaluronic filling spheres help to soften lines and give the skin a dewy appearance.

And it works outside of the eye area as well. We have tried TNS Line Refine in areas on the face where the skin is thicker and still saw an improvement very quickly.

For example, in Kelly’s frown or glabellar area, she has a deep line, just on her left side. In the photo, it is actually improved compared to baseline. Sorry I didn’t take a Before photo so you could see the difference for yourself but I was only thinking about comparing the 2 eyes when I photographed her.

TNS Line Refine also contains ingredients that work over the longer term to decrease signs of aging. CoEnzyme Q10 helps to prevent free radical damage. Certain peptides help to stimulate the body’s repair mechanisms at the cellular level and promote collagen, elastin and new skin cell formation.

I have seen some amazing results with other products in the TNS line so I’m pretty confident that the long-term results with TNS Line Refine will be positive but I don’t have the long-term experience with it yet.

The immediate results are great.

If you were going to a Christmas party this month and wanted to soften lines and wrinkles, I would definitely recommend TNS Line Refine.