I see from the search terms that people use to find my blog that a lot of people are wondering what to expect in the days after a treatment, such as a fractionated laser (Pixel) or IPL photofacial.

I have some videos posted on the 10 Years Younger … in Burlington! website that show Catherine having a makeup application a few days after a Pixel laser treatment.

I have also put up some photos over there that show the timecourse of changes in pigment and redness in the skin in the first few days after an IPL photofacial.

You can also ask me directly about the specific treatment you are interested in here on this blog. I have lots of willing guinea pigs here who will undergo a treatment (the sacrifice! LOL) and have their pictures posted to illustrate their reactions to the procedures.

Knowledge is everything. If you know how a treatment works and what effects to expect after a treatment, you will be happy to go through a few days of freckles or redness or whatever.