When we first consider a 10 years younger type of transformation, a lot of us imagine that it is purely a vanity thing. And a lot of us imagine it would be embarrassing or shameful to exhibit our vanity so blatantly on our faces.

What I have discovered after years of transforming people’s faces is that vanity is the smallest fraction of what the 10 years younger transformation is all about. I’d like to share with you in a series of blog posts the comments from our previous 10 Years Younger in Burlington transformees on how the process affected their lives.

Here are the words of Celeste, who was 47 last year when she entered our program:

Words are limiting to describe emotionally what has transpired this past year. Being introduced to Advanced Rejuvenation spa was a spring board BACK to ‘living life on purpose’ for me. I can say that there isn’t an area of my life that hasn’t been affected in a positive way!

The procedures I had done, and the knowledge of knowing other ones were available to me – brought ‘hope’ back to me. The procedures were symbolic to me – showing me that I didn’t have to accept the status quo. There were options to ‘all or nothing’ (meaning surgery or nothing).

The skin procedures rejuvenated my skin – the rejuvenated skin then rejuvenated my spirit. Dr. Jeans and her staff also lifted my spirits every time I walked through their doors. They create a warm, safe and professional environment at the spa, easy to relax and trust. The procedures gave me a glimpse of what I used to be. I didn’t have to accept or submit – I could take control – there were options – I had a choice. IT WASN’T TOO LATE. With the additional help of the system (Dr. Jeans’ Nutrition and Weight Control System — ed.) I lost 30 lbs., reclaimed a career for myself and am now living a fulfilled life – everyday! I have not looked back!

This was a new beginning for me. On an emotional and personal level the procedures have given me back who I was and who I thought I had lost. Pretty cool!!!