Regardless of whether you’re a woman or a man, you’ve most likely been through this experience more than you care to remember. You step out of the shower, look in the mirror and there ‘they’ are. A frustrating, not-so-subtle reminder that nature isn’t always fair. Muffin tops. Love handles. And, if you’re like many people – the dreaded belly pouch. And it’s not like you haven’t tried to get rid of them. You been on every diet you can find. Still there. You tried bumping up your exercise routine. No change.

The fact is, you’re often up against a formidable foe – a metabolism that simply doesn’t allow your body to gain a foothold in the tough battle against unwanted fat.

Short of procedures that use laser, sound waves or surgery that can sometimes harm healthy tissue in the process, there haven’t been many effective options to consider. Until now…

Introducing CoolScupting a new, revolutionary fat elimination process that is designed to help contour your body.

Think of CoolSculpting as a pinpoint weight loss process. Only fat cells are targeted. The process involves chilling the fat cells in the area where you want to reduce the fat causing them to crystallize so your body can eliminate them naturally.

No surgery. No downtime.

Does it work? Clinical studies have shown that CoolSculpting clients have lost an average of 23% of the fat cells in the treated area over a two to four month period.

At Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa in Burlington, we offer services such as CoolSculpting with a relaxing atmosphere and caring staff. Approved by Health Canada, it’s completely safe and painless.

Complimentary 45-minute session to discuss your specific issues and possible treatment plan tailored to your exact needs.