Rosacea is skin condition affecting about 10% of the population, mainly women. It often starts in the 20s or 30s and can range from an overly rosy complexion to a bright red scaly or bumpy surface with pimples and pustules.

Many people report a connection between certain foods, temperatures and stress playing roles in the worsening of their conditions. Blushing can make it painfully worse.

Many rosacea sufferers feel its impact on their self-esteem, as well as the physical symptoms of an unpleasant burning sensation and an attention grabbing skin tone. They can be mistakenly thought of as problem drinkers.

Some rosacea sufferers become socially withdrawn, either as a result of embarrassment or an attempt to minimize conditions that trigger an attack.

Fortunately, Dr. Jeans at Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa in Burlington has a number of treatments that have proven successful in treating this condition.

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