Our 2010 10 Years Younger in Burlington program is well underway!

We are transforming 3 amazing women — Gini, Lorraine and Rose. I can tell you that they are already looking beautiful and that is before seeing the full package with hair, makeup and clothing.

Here they are:

First is Gini — short for Georgina. Her nickname is the only short thing about her (so says the 5’2″ vertically challenged one).

Gini, 56, has always been a high achiever with success as a nurse, a model and a fitness instructor under her belt.

However her sense of herself was shattered by a bitter divorce. As the single mother of 4 children, she is looking to rebuild her self-esteem and improve her chances in the job market.

Lorraine at 48 is the youngest of the group. She feels youthful on the inside but finds that the image staring back at her in the mirror is “overweight, tired and sluggish.”

“I notice that I have the “11” indentations between my brow and my eyes are heavy with dark circles and my jowels are starting to sag. So, although I am not in dire despair now I think it is vitally important at my age and stage of aging that I manage aging and all that comes with it NOW.”

And Lorraine is really motivated to get her outer appearance matching her internal exuberance.

Rose, 63, also feels younger inside than she feels that she looks on the outside. Rose has the energy of a much younger woman.

As a life-long tanner, Rose has sun damage, wrinkling and tissue sagging adding years to her face.

She wishes the years had been kinder to her appearance and wants to start feeling better about herself. We are very pleased to give her the opportunity to erase years of damage.

These three ladies have already started their transformation journey and already we are seeing the increased confidence that goes along with it.

We have a wonderful evening planned when we will reveal Gini, Lorraine and Rose looking at least 10 years younger and I think they will knock your socks off!

Please come and join us on September 23rd for delicious food, a fall fashion preview, goodie bags stuffed with treats and of course Gini, Lorraine and Rose. Call 905-340-0401 for tickets.