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The beauty of dermal fillers in 2017

Dermal filler use is much more scientific now than it was in earlier years and the products available for injection keep getting better and better. Our focus is now on the whole face, the proportions of the face and the specific structures that have changed. Dermal fillers are used in many different locations to restore lost [...]

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Dermal fillers for cheeks and lips: a good idea taken to the extreme

About 10 years ago, we started using dermal fillers in a different way, to restore softness and lift to the face. Here are the before and after pictures of Kathy, who was in our 10 Years Younger in Burlington program:    You can see that Kathy's filler has lifted her cheeks making her face look more [...]

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The bad old days of dermal fillers and why they didn’t work

Prior to 10 years ago, dermal fillers were used to fill specific wrinkles and to augment to the lips. This approach might work for a younger woman who has generally good skin and good volume in her face but for most people, the results were lackluster. Early techniques  I found this picture on the internet and [...]

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What message is your face giving the world?

"Are you tired?" "What are you so mad about?" "You look sad today." How often do you hear questions like that and think "I'm not tired" "I'm not mad about anything" "I feel fine" ? As we age, wrinkles become ingrained, and our faces lose volume in all the wrong places, making us look angry, sad [...]

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Permanent fillers can mean permanent problems

Stacey Hohn, 41, shared with the Daily Mail her disfigurement following permanent fillers. I have seen a few other women in my own practice with similar problems following permanent fillers. Permanent fillers include such products as Dermalive and DermaDeep, Artecoll and Artefill. Dermalive in particular is notorious for causing disfiguring nodules and it can be reactivated [...]

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10 Years Younger in Burlington is back!

Our 2010 10 Years Younger in Burlington program is well underway!We are transforming 3 amazing women -- Gini, Lorraine and Rose. I can tell you that they are already looking beautiful and that is before seeing the full package with hair, makeup and clothing.Here they are:First is Gini -- short for Georgina. Her nickname is the [...]

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Dr. Frankenstein 2009

Bizarre but true: plastic surgeon married a woman he didn't love and didn't find attractive but thought had "potential." He performed 8 operations and injected 1000's of dollars worth of botox and fillers to transform her into his ideal woman."Only AFTER £18,000 of cosmetic surgery did Reza, 48, fall in love with her." Here are Before [...]

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Older job seekers: Make your age a non-issue

If you're jobless and aged over 55 years, you're probably having a difficult time being considered for a new job, let alone actually getting it.The US Department of Labor's statistics published in June show that unemployment rates for those over 55 are the highest they've been since 1948, 7%. And older workers remain jobless for far [...]

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Joan Rivers, can we talk?

I've been meaning to write about Joan Rivers for a long while now but, frankly, I had trouble finding a good quality photo of her before she had any plastic surgery done. Joan is an excellent model for showing how our ideas about cosmetic medicine and surgery have changed over the years. In the photo on [...]

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