The Daily Mail is reporting that women signing up for a free trial of “Hollywood’s secret to looking young” are finding themselves with hundreds of pounds in credit card charges.

Apparently, when you sign up for the free trial, you have to give a credit card number and then you find yourself receiving monthly shipments of product that you have to pay for. It is reported that it is then very difficult to cancel the payments.

And on top of all of that, the claims of efficacy for the actual product are misleading. “42% decrease in lines and wrinkles” “36% increase in skin moisturization” “28% collagen production increase” It’s easy for advertisers to make claims like these on the internet but where is the evidence to back them up?

British watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority has upheld complaints against the company about both the reliability of its claims and the difficulty in cancelling payments.

Don’t get caught in this sort of internet scam. If you want skincare that really works (and there truly are amazing products out there!), buy from a reputable source.