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10 Draws for our 10 Years of Service: Congratulations Winners!

To celebrate our 10 years of service to our clients, we obtained 10 awesome prize draws. Our visitors and online friends entered ballots over July, August and September. The contest closed on September 30th, 2017. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the draws for their continuing support. Here are the winners: 1 CoolSculpting® [...]

Do Your Hands Look Old?

Our hands age just as our faces do. The key is to look at our hands and determine what is making them look old or unattractive. If the tendons and veins are getting too prominent, you are losing the softening layer of fat on the backs of the hands. It is easy to inject a dermal [...]

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Kelly’s Progress: 2 weeks

Before starting SkinTx After using SkinTx for 2 weeks Kelly has been using the SkinTx system for 2 weeks.SkinTx includes 4 programs: Rejuvenation for dry skin, Rejuvenation for combination or oily skin, Hyper-pigmentation and Acne. Kelly is using the Program 2, Rejuvenation for combination or oily skin. The first change that Kelly noticed was that the [...]

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Take the SkinTx Challenge!

Think skincare doesn't really make a difference to the quality of your skin? We're going to prove that medical-grade skincare really works! Meet Kelly, 38, who recently joined our team at Advanced Rejuvenation. As an esthetician, Kelly has always practised good skincare. However her love of spending time outdoors means that sun damage has taken its toll. [...]

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If this doesn’t make you use sunscreen, nothing will

Check out this photo of a 68 year old truckdriver. For 28 years, the left side of his face was exposed to UVA rays through the window of his truck. See the difference? The left side shows extreme wrinkling, puckering and sagging. The right side looks much smoother. UVA rays are in sunlight. They penetrate glass [...]

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Beware of “free” trials on the internet

The Daily Mail is reporting that women signing up for a free trial of "Hollywood's secret to looking young" are finding themselves with hundreds of pounds in credit card charges.Apparently, when you sign up for the free trial, you have to give a credit card number and then you find yourself receiving monthly shipments of product [...]

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Returning to beauty and confidence

This is a very personal story for me. It's about my sister Nicola who is 5 years older than me. We both agreed that we would share her story in order to help others.A few years ago, her life seemed to be on a downward spiral. She'd reached the point where she felt she had lost [...]

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Now is the time to erase signs of sun damage

Now that cooler temperatures have arrived and the sun has slipped behind clouds, our tans are fading. Our winter skin is showing all of the after-effects of the sun-brightened skin that we enjoyed in the summer.When you look in the mirror, you're probably not seeing a smooth bright even-toned complexion.You're probably seeing brown spots -- sun [...]

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