In the pictures above you see me without makeup on. My natural lashes are long enough, as you can see with eyes closed, but almost colourless. My eyes have no definition without makeup.

Now check this out:

I had permanent eyelash extensions applied! I love them!

You’re not allowed to wear eye makeup for 48 hours after the application. No problem! Now that my eyes are defined by the dark lashes, I don’t need makeup.

Each individual extension is glued to an individual lash. The extension will last as long as the lash does. I’ll need to have fills put in about every month. After 9 months, I have to give my lashes a break and go back to my natural state, just as you do with fake nails.

These lashes feel completely natural to me. In fact, I used to always get hairs from my cats in my eyes but since these were applied, I’ve had a lot less trouble even when my cat rubs his head right on my face.

I can apply mascara if I want (as long as it is not water-proof) but I hate mascara so I doubt I’ll use it very often.

These are the finest width and the shortest length of extensions to create a natural look. You can have medium or thick extensions and greater length if you want.

We have a new esthetician working with us, Jaclyn Gillies, who does the eyelashes. She can do lashes that last 2 weeks or these 9-month ones. If you are interested in permanent lash extensions, come and see Jaclyn at Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa, 905-340-0401.

You can read more about these extensions here.