Let me just put this out there: Good skincare products really work.

I feel like the present me talking to the me of a few years ago. I’ve mentioned before that I went through a stage of trying all different products from the drug store and the mall with pretty mediocre results. My impression was “Oh well, it’s all hype. Skincare products don’t really do anything. I guess my skin can’t get any better than this.”

What a difference when I tried the Vivier line of products. I was using the Redness Relief Kit for my rosacea-prone skin. The hexamidine in the Hexam cleanser and the Lexxel moisturizer knock back redness immediately — my face was less red as soon as I was done applying the products.

What happened over time was my skin started behaving better and better — blemishes popped up less and less often, my skin became smoother and the contrast between my oily T-zone and dry cheeks lessened as both areas became more normal.

Now I get lots of compliments and people have trouble believing that I ever had problem skin.

I’m a believer in good skincare products like Vivier because I’ve reviewed the science, experienced the effects firsthand and seen the improvements in so many of my friends and clients.

In the next few blogposts, I’m going to talk about the components of a good skincare regimen and discuss individual products that are particularly good for your skin. I have already talked about the Vitamin C serum here.