Bizarre but true: plastic surgeon married a woman he didn’t love and didn’t find attractive but thought had “potential.” He performed 8 operations and injected 1000’s of dollars worth of botox and fillers to transform her into his ideal woman.

“Only AFTER £18,000 of cosmetic surgery did Reza, 48, fall in love with her.”

Here are Before and After shots of her from These images show how subjective our perception of beauty is because I don’t find her transformation very attractive. And yet she was “created” to her husband’s specifications. I’d like to see her face a little softer and prettier with less emphasis on the fake lips.

Her body is extremely toned and fit-looking but the massive breast implants make each breast bigger than her head. The doctor obviously has a comic book aesthetic.

And of course, the whole idea of their relationship seems pathological. Imagine marrying someone who didn’t love you and wasn’t attracted to you? Actually, I can’t imagine it. And he says he loves her now that he has transformed her?!? I’m sorry but that isn’t love; that’s pride in creation.

Comic book girl superhero image from Comic Vine. Right hand image from,23739,26298019-5013016,00.html.

The original story appeared in British tabloid The Sun.