When I first heard about this product, I thought it was amazing, a totally different approach to restoring youthfulness to the face. I attended my first training course on it one year ago in the US. I’ve been waiting patiently for it and now I finally have it.

This is a product that stimulates your own body to make collagen, restoring volume and tightening skin.

It’s gradual, taking about 6 months and 3 sets of injections to get the full effect.

It’s long-lasting. You can expect your results to last 2 – 3 years before they gradually start to decline.

What is this amazing product?

Sculptra. The active ingredient is a form of lactic acid, an acid that occurs naturally in our bodies.

Sculptra makes sense to me because I know that as we age, we lose collagen in our skin, leading to thinning of the skin, wrinkles and sagging. Our bones shrink so the envelope of our skin is too big for the structure underneath.

With Sculptra, your skin becomes thicker and more resilient. Hollow areas are filled in. The saggy bits are lifted back up into place. And you look like yourself of a few years earlier. No distortions. No stretching. No funny bulges. 100% natural you.

If you need a quick fix, we’ll stick to Teosyal but if you don’t mind building your results up over 6 months, you’ll love Sculptra.

I’ve given you the link above to the Canadian Sculptra website where you’ll see before and after pictures and get lots of info. I looked at the websites for the other countries and the UK site also has lots of pics and a couple of videos. [Update: I looked at the UK site again and can’t see any videos but their B&A photos are different from other sites. Dr.R]

Sculptra is relatively new to Canada but has been used in Europe for several years. It is very safe and low-risk.

If you want to get your old face back, come and talk to me about Sculptra.