New eye cream firms skin, reduces wrinkles and dark circles

Introducing GrenzCine Eye cream from Vivier. Here's the thing that makes it different from other eye creams: You can apply it to your mobile eyelid! If you tried that with most other effective eye creams, the cream would get into your eye and sting like the dickens. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience. As we age, [...]

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Dermal fillers for cheeks and lips: a good idea taken to the extreme

About 10 years ago, we started using dermal fillers in a different way, to restore softness and lift to the face. Here are the before and after pictures of Kathy, who was in our 10 Years Younger in Burlington program:    You can see that Kathy's filler has lifted her cheeks making her face look more [...]

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The bad old days of dermal fillers and why they didn’t work

Prior to 10 years ago, dermal fillers were used to fill specific wrinkles and to augment to the lips. This approach might work for a younger woman who has generally good skin and good volume in her face but for most people, the results were lackluster. Early techniques  I found this picture on the internet and [...]

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What message is your face giving the world?

"Are you tired?" "What are you so mad about?" "You look sad today." How often do you hear questions like that and think "I'm not tired" "I'm not mad about anything" "I feel fine" ? As we age, wrinkles become ingrained, and our faces lose volume in all the wrong places, making us look angry, sad [...]

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Newly published study: Botox better than Xeomin

Botox is the original wrinkle-buster. It relaxes the muscles where it is injected so they can't form the folds in the skin that lead to wrinkles. Now Canadians have access to 2 more muscle relaxants: Xeomin and Dysport. These 3 agents differ from each other in their composition, leading to differences in onset of action, ability [...]

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If this doesn’t make you use sunscreen, nothing will

Check out this photo of a 68 year old truckdriver. For 28 years, the left side of his face was exposed to UVA rays through the window of his truck. See the difference? The left side shows extreme wrinkling, puckering and sagging. The right side looks much smoother. UVA rays are in sunlight. They penetrate glass [...]

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Risky anti-aging treatment: Would you do it?

The other day, Coral* came to see me. A health professional who works in the aesthetic industry, Coral has a youthful, volumized face in keeping with a woman who has access to all of the best anti-aging treatments.On this visit, I can see that she is healing from a fractionated laser treatment (see our Pixel -- [...]

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