We had a really fun weekend being involved with the HSBC Chilly 1/2 Marathon and the Frosty 5k races in Burlington.

The weather on Sunday was beautiful: cold, clear and sunny. I was wearing black leggings that absorbed the sunshine well and kept me warm (reminds me of the way IPL works).

It was so great to see all of the different participants — children, elderly, physically handicapped and so on. If they can do it, why can’t I?

The half marathon was really something. You could feel the energy level vibrating at the starting line. I was posted at the finish line to help out at the first aid station. It was absolutely thrilling to see the people come over the line, from Charles Bedley in a time of 1:08:59 and all of the other men and women who ran in less than an hour and a half, to the folks who came in at the 2-hour mark or later for whom it was a huge accomplishment to finish the race.

Congratulations to everyone who ran on Sunday. You can find the official results here.

And there was a huge gang of volunteers in their red Mizuno hats. It was a pleasure to hang out with so many cheerfully helpful people.

I missed the Expo at the Hilton Gardens Inn on Friday and Saturday. Lauren, Laura and Michele did stints over there while Claire and I held the fort at Advanced Rejuvenation. The girls got a chance to meet a lot of really great people at the Expo and I saw them greeting familiar faces at the races.

I couldn’t help but notice a lot of sun damage on the runners’ faces. I admire the hell out of the runners for pushing themselves physically, getting out there in all weathers and developing the mental and physical stamina to keep going but do they have to sacrifice their skin to do it?

All those cute freckles and tans are sun damage. That means ultraviolet rays have created genetic mutations in the cells of the skin that result in melanin production. The melanin production is a marker for genetic mutation which is a primary cause of skin cancer. UV damage also causes wrinkling and sagging skin.

Please, runners: protect your skin with a good sunblock!

We were at the starting line pumping out an excellent-quality sunblock, Elta Sport SPF 50, which is specifically formulated for runners. It was a little cold outdoors to be spreading a thick cream but this product works great if you apply it at home before you go out for a run.

Please come and see us if you need good sunscreens and sun blocks. And we have very effective treatments if you’d like to reverse the sun damage and get your face looking as fit as your body.