There are a lot of women (and some men) who don’t dare to take a step out of the house without foundation and concealer because their faces are marred with blotchy brown pigment.

If you are one of the people who suffers from this problem, there is hope for you.

The first line of attack is good makeup that conceals the pigment well. We carry gloMinerals makeup, which is a very high quality mineral makeup that can be applied in different ways to give either sheer or opaque coverage. glo foundations come in a wide variety of skintones from fair to dark cocoa.

Covering up the pigment is a good instant gratification solution but most people would rather not have the pigment at all.

Vivier makes a line of skincare products specifically targeted at severe skin problems like hyperpigmentation, moderate-to-severe acne and severe aging. This skincare line is called SkinTx.

SkinTx is a multi-step regimen that you use morning and night. The products are designed to lighten the skin and to transform the physiology of the skin so it is healthier, smoother and more tolerant of harmful agents.

Here are some before-and-after pictures:

I’m using pictures from Vivier because I haven’t asked any of my own clients whether I could use their pictures but I am seeing the same beautiful skin on my own clients.

I started a client on SkinTx just the other day. She was a beautiful woman with severe dark brown patches on her forehead and cheeks. She was willing to go with my recommendation but a little doubtful. However my makeup artist has been getting great results with SkinTx.

Claire was putting makeup on this client after her consultation (since we’d taken all of her makeup off to take her pictures) and was telling the client all about how effective the SkinTx line was. By the time the client left she had a smile on her face and said “I have some hope now.”

For people with hyperpigmentation or bad acne, that’s what SkinTx is: Hope.

ADDENDUM: The client mentioned above came back for a 2-week follow-up and already has a marked decrease in the amount of pigment on her face. She is thrilled and excited with her results.