I have always thought Faye Dunaway was incredibly beautiful. She is still acting and looking gorgeous at 67. She is obviously having work done to keep her face looking amazing but it seems that she forgot about her hands.

How scary!

This image shows that Faye’s hand has lost a lot of volume, looking skeletally thin. The skin looks like tissue paper — you can see every vein and tendon. Her skin is discolored with sun spots.

Her joints do not appear enlarged and arthritic so she could totally reverse these signs of aging with a few simple procedures.

I would put volume back into Faye’s hands with Sculptra. This would stimulate collagen formation in the tissues, making the skin look thicker and firmer.

We could restore her skin to a pearly appearance with a combination of IPLs and peels. The peels help to bring the brown pigment of the sun spots to the surface and the IPL fries it. The combination also helps to improve the texture of the skin.

Faye’s hand looks so fragile that I would also want her using a lotion that contains growth factors such as TNS Body Lotion in order to stimulate her skin to produce more cells, more collagen and more elastin.

In this day and age, your hands shouldn’t be giving away your age.