Lauren was finally prepared to have her lips done. It is something that she and I had wanted to do for a while. Lauren is tall and we thought her lips were a little out of proportion with her face and height but she has trouble with needles so it took a while for her to build up her nerve.

Our goal was to keep the lips very natural-looking, just make them a little plumper so they would balance her face better. In the Before picture on the left, you can see how Lauren has beautiful big green eyes and thin lips, particularly the upper lip, so we had a ways to go to achieve balance between her features.

We used just less than a full syringe of Teosyal KISS, equal amounts in upper and lower lips. I like to save a little in the syringe for touch-ups about 2 weeks after the initial injection, just in case.

In the After photo on the right, her mouth now looks in proportion with the rest of her face. The photo is taken about 6 days after the injection and you can see that she didn’t have any bruising.

If you hadn’t seen her Before picture, you wouldn’t think she’d had anything done to her lips because they look the right size and a natural shape. In fact, Lauren’s sister didn’t even notice the lip filler so that tells you how subtle the change was.

The other thing you can see on the After photo is that Lauren had some eyelash extensions applied. Look how long and curly her lashes are.

I love doing lips. It’s really fun giving someone a beautiful mouth, balancing any asymmetry and creating the look the client wants. Apart from creating the right look, my personal yardstick for how well I’ve done includes using the minimum number of punctures as possible, making the procedure as pain-free as I can and avoiding bruising as much as possible.