Introducing a new lip filler injection technique that gives beautiful natural results

Let's face it, our lips thin out as we age. Restoring lost volume in the lips is a quick and easy way to make the lips and thus our whole face look younger. Not only younger but prettier and more feminine. However, we've all seen lip filler disasters where the lips end up looking fake [...]

Easier lip augmentation than ever

Juvederm is now being made with the local anesthetic mixed right in with the hyaluronic acid filler.I recently received my first shipment and was playing with it last week. It makes the whole process of having your lips filled much easier.Here's what I didn't like about my old technique for freezing:I used to do dental nerve [...]

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Creating big impact with Teosyal KISS

This is our makeup specialist, Claire. She wanted very full lips like Scarlett Johansson's (below).Her upper lip was relatively small compared with the lower so I split the syringe of Teosyal KISS with 0.7 mL going in the upper, 0.3 mL in the lower.Claire's results really suit her features and her style. She already had full [...]

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Teosyal KISS for a small mouth

This is Jaclyn, another esthetician at Advanced Rejuvenation. Jaclyn's personal style is feminine and dramatic so her small lips weren't working for her.She's had a total of 1 syringe of Juvederm in her lips, creating a very pretty and natural result. Her preference would be to go even bigger in the lips so you may see [...]

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Using Teosyal KISS to balance the lips

These images are Laura's mouth, Before (left) and After (right) putting some Teosyal KISS in her upper lip. You saw Laura's full face previously in this article.Laura has a very pretty, full lower lip but her upper lips was quite thin in comparison. I injected just over half a syringe (0.6 mL to be exact) in [...]

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Lovely lips!

Lauren was finally prepared to have her lips done. It is something that she and I had wanted to do for a while. Lauren is tall and we thought her lips were a little out of proportion with her face and height but she has trouble with needles so it took a while for her to [...]

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Filler in the lips: the subjective experience

I get my lips topped up with filler about twice a year. That's just long enough to forget what it was like the last time.In this article, I'm describing the subjective experience, day by day, in hopes of showing that it is a tolerable experience that is worth it in the end.Before I start, I should [...]

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What a pick-me-up!

I had to share this with everyone. My friend came to me to get some Teosyal KISS injected into her lips and kindly agreed to let me show you her before and after pictures. BEFORE The wrinkling in the lips indicates a pronounced loss of volume. The contours of the lips are pretty flat with no [...]

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