We’ve been doing a lot of Sculptra since the beginning of February and I have to say that I’m thrilled with the results.

If you remember, I mentioned the volume of fluid that the Sculptra is diluted in gives you a preview of what the Sculptra will eventually do. This fluid is absorbed and disappears in 2 or 3 days but I get to see the effect of the volume when I’ve completed injecting a dose of Sculptra.

I did Sculptra on a nurse that I have worked with for 18 years. As I’m doing the injections, my focus is on each little area where the needle is. When I was done the injections and stepped back to look at the overall effect, I blurted out “Oh my god, M—! I remember when you used to look like that!”

I recently did the second set of injections on a man with a long, thin face with flat cheeks. The first set of injections had plumped up his face a little, softened the lines, but hadn’t really given him a more youthful shape. When I finished putting the second set of injections in, he had apples in his cheeks! He looked so natural and youthful and handsome that I was blown away.

I was working with a lovely lady yesterday. She had always looked young for her age and has excellent skin but in the past few years, the volume had really disappeared from her face. Her cheeks were just skin over her cheekbones. I customized the shots to build up her cheeks and when I was done, she and I were thrilled to see the rounding of her cheeks. She looked beautiful.

These images are from the UK’s Sculptra website so I can’t tell you the exact age of this woman but I love her results.

If you don’t mind watching your results develop gradually over 6 months, Sculptra is definitely the best product for rejuvenating your face.