Many of you are familiar with our lovely Michele, an esthetician here at Advanced Rejuvenation but you may not know that Michele at one time was challenged with aging skin.

Let’s look at Michele in July 2007:

I hope you can see this image as clearly as it appears on our computers here at the clinic.

What I see when I look at Michele’s picture is a general loss of volume in her face. The fullest part of her cheek is about level with her nose. Look how hollow her temple is on the right side of the photo. And she looks really crepey on her lower cheeks around those smile lines. To me she is all eyes and nose. Big doe-like eyes are nice but when the nose starts getting too big for the face, it usually means the tissues all around have regressed.

Michele had 2 treatments with Sculptra last summer and a 3rd last Saturday. The volume from her 3rd set of injections was still hanging around when we took these pictures but that fluid is being reabsorbed and it will take 4 – 6 weeks for Michele to make the collagen that will give her the lasting volume that you see in her “after” photo. The fluid from the injections gives you a preview of the final results.

Here you can see that Michele has volume in her face again. Her temple is no longer hollowed out. Compare the contour of her chin in the 2 pictures. Before, her chin almost seems like an island surrounded by regressed tissue. After, she has a pretty smooth contour from the chin to the jawline. Her cheeks are back in the right place. Her nose is no longer prominent in her face. You don’t see any crepe in the skin of her lower cheeks. (I can show that to you better in a profile shot.)

Compare the 2 photos. How old is the face in the first shot compared to the second?

Now you can understand why I am so excited about this product.

If you want to restore volume to your face in a safe, natural and lasting way, come and try Sculptra.

P.S. The other thing you can see on Michele is increased volume in her lips. That’s not Sculptra; it’s Teosyal KISS. I did her lips back in October 2007. Looks good, eh?