Here are Miss A’s comments about her Pixel experience and the skincare products.

Based on the science and Miss A’s experience, I think the HYDRAgel and TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream are ideal for comfort and rapid healing after the Pixel.

You can see Miss A’s photos here.

I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity of having a Pixel treatment on my face and neck. This was one of the things on my “wish list”.

Not really knowing what to expect was a good thing for me as I had a fresh and unbiased experience with this procedure.

First off, the procedure itself was not painful. The IPL treatment was more painful, and even that was not so bad.

The pain of the Pixel comes approx. ten minutes after the procedure is complete. I found that the lidocaine gel and the cool air is a must. The cool air felt really good while still laying down – approx. 5 min. worth.

After that, approx. 3-4 hours later the redness really comes out. My face felt very sunburned and sore.

I would strongly encourage the HYDRAgel! That gel is amazing! It cools and takes the sting away. It is very soothing and the nice part is that it does not ever sting, even right after the procedure. I found that the Cicaplast does sting for about 10 minutes after application and I’m not sure if I would like to use that again. The Ceramide cream is also very nice in combination with the HYDRAgel. I did not use the Ceramide cream on its own so I’m not sure if it would sting if used alone. However, since I put it on overtop of the HYDRAgel, I found that it added to the moisture level on my face and the two of them really made my face feel more hydrated and supple. On the other side of my face (left) I used the Vivier Redness Relief cream and although it did not sting, it still was not as soothing as the other side (right). My left side still felt a bit tight and sore with the Redness Relief cream, although bearable.

I found that the flakiness was most obvious 2-3 days after the procedure but even that wasn’t very bad.

The next time I get a Pixel treatment done I would use the HYDRAgel and the Ceramide cream on my entire face and neck. Even now, one week later, I still like the way these two products make my face and neck feel. I will continue to use the HYDRAgel in my daily routine and the Ceramide until gone.

Thank you, once again.