September always feels like a mini New Year to me. I guess it’s the old pattern of starting a new school year with new goals and dreams for the future.

The leisurely pace of life that we enjoyed in the summer months is past and now we look forward to fall fashions and upcoming social events. Here in Canada, we have Thanksgiving before Hallowe’en and it won’t be long before we’re thinking about what to wear to the first Christmas parties.

Think back to January of this year. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions about your appearance? Maybe this was the year you were going to get some help updating your look? Maybe you resolved to do something to look less tired? Or start a good skincare routine?

It’s time to think again about your beauty resolutions for 2008.

Whether you just want a makeup lesson to make sure your technique and color choices are up-to-date or you want to turn back the clock on your appearance or finally melt fat or smooth out cellulite, now is the time to get started.

At Advanced Rejuvenation, you can fulfill your beauty goals safely, effectively and without surgery.

These are resolutions that you’ll really enjoy keeping. And think how good you’ll feel in January 2009, knowing that you made resolutions for 2008 and kept them!