Research projects at Advanced Rejuvenation

This article is reprinted from our newsletter of December 18, 2008. In the past week, we have sent out a request for volunteers for the cellulite study and we are currently designing several more studies for which we will be requesting volunteers. To receive our electronic newsletter, click on the big pink button at the top [...]

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Update on Refining Cellulite Body Lotion

The first client using the Refining Cellulite Body Lotion came in yesterday and said that she could already see a difference with it.In another case, I personally just did an Accent treatment on a client this morning and applied the Refining Cellulite Body Lotion immediately afterwards.I wasn't expecting to see a difference but I did see [...]

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Wipe out cellulite now

Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa is doing a study. It starts within the week. We plan to assess Refining Cellulite Body Lotion, a new product for cellulite from Vivier. The key ingredients in Refining Cellulite Body Lotion include Synephrine from bitter orange, Caffeine and Glaucine, a plant extract. These 3 compounds attack different stages of fat metabolism.Synephrine [...]

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Your beauty goals for 2008

September always feels like a mini New Year to me. I guess it's the old pattern of starting a new school year with new goals and dreams for the future.The leisurely pace of life that we enjoyed in the summer months is past and now we look forward to fall fashions and upcoming social events. Here [...]

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Facial tightening and body recontouring with radiofrequency

Radiofrequency treatments are a great way to tighten your skin, smooth cellulite and reduce volume.I have the Accent Radiofrequency machine from Alma Lasers. It features 2 handpieces: unipolar for deep heating and bipolar for superficial tightening.The energy from the unipolar handpiece penetrates several centimeters below the skin, causing deep heating of the tissues. The immediate result [...]

Did you see this?

Massive snowstorm on Saturday. Around my place, the snow just kept falling from the time I woke up (my pups are early risers) until well after midnight. I've spoken to a few women who used the snow day to clean their houses and get chores done but I thought snow days were for curling up on [...]

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