You’ve probably had this experience too: you’re losing weight but everything still looks softer and pudgier than you’d like. You’re trying to go to the gym but something always comes up that makes it difficult and the sit-ups don’t seem to be making a difference anyway.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a method to shrink fat, build muscle and tighten skin without requiring long hours at the gym? There is!

EmsculptNeo is a treatment that combines radiofrequency to shrink fat and tighten skin and electromagnetic stimulation to build muscle.

Scientific studies show that at 3 months, the average decrease in fat is 30% and the average increase in muscle is 25%. It has even been shown to decrease the fat inside the body cavity, the visceral fat.

The treatment course comprises 4 weekly treatments, each lasting half an hour.

People who have had the treatment report feeling stronger right from the first treatment. They also notice that they stand taller, find exercise easier and have less back pain.

It takes about 3 months to see your results and studies show that your results last for at least a year.

If you want to have more muscle and less fat, come to Advanced Rejuvenation for EmsculptNeo.