Bryan McCourt is a 37 year old man who is not shy about describing the cosmetic medical treatments that he has had done in this interview from UK newspaper The Sunday Sun.

Bryan does regular skin peels, botox every six month and has had fillers injected.

The reporter described him as looking at least 10 years younger than his actual age.

Here are his comments about Botox:

Bryan says: “I’ve noticed a massive difference. I have had nothing but good results.

“The first time I had it done was for my crows’ feet around my eyes. After three days I thought this hasn’t worked but then after a week the crows’ feet had gone. It was amazing, to the point where my mates actually noticed.They have all had it done now.

“I have botox every six months now. I’ve had fillers too, which lasts a bit longer and I have had skins peels where they put on a solution on your face and after seven days the skin starts peeling and it takes layers off.