It’s a funny thing about doing a research study, you start measuring everything.

One of my clients started an Accent Membership recently. She is starting out with some body recontouring on her abdomen rather than addressing cellulite but we were in measuring mode so we measured her before and after 3 treatments.

Usually I tell people that they will start to see the difference at around the 4th treatment so this person was a little faster to show results than normal. She swears that she didn’t change her diet and she hadn’t been exercising. We didn’t do anything extra to accelerate her results.

Here are her Before (left) and After (right) shots:

And the measurements are even more impressive: She lost 4 cm off her waist with just 3 treatments!

With an Accent membership, you are signing up for weekly Accent treatments for a set period of time — 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Like a gym membership, if you don’t come and see us for a few weeks, those weeks of membership are gone.

However, the savings are far greater when you purchase a Membership than when you buy a package of 6 treatments so you still come out ahead even if you miss a few weeks.