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What to expect in a CoolSculpting consultation

I met with a woman for the first time yesterday for a consultation about CoolSculpting. I'll call her Jane. After we had gone through everything, she shared  that she had had a consultation at a different clinic and that it had been a completely different experience. In fact, it was so different that I feel compelled [...]

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Why I chose CoolSculpting

I am excited and proud to announce that we are now offering CoolSculpting at Advanced Rejuvenation. CoolSculpting harnesses fat's response to cooling. Fat freezes at 12C -- a temperature that won't damage other structures like skin, nerves, muscle or bone. When you cool fat and keep it cold for at least 50 minutes, programmed cell death [...]

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Another reason to choose an Accent Membership

It's a funny thing about doing a research study, you start measuring everything. One of my clients started an Accent Membership recently. She is starting out with some body recontouring on her abdomen rather than addressing cellulite but we were in measuring mode so we measured her before and after 3 treatments. Usually I tell people [...]

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Are you planning to trim and tone your figure this year?

It's January -- time to think about New Year's resolutions. The feasts of the holiday season seem to lead naturally to thoughts of trimming and toning your figure in January, don't they?If you want help with losing inches, smoothing out cellulite or tightening sagging skin, I highly recommend Accent RF (radiofrequency) treatments.You might have heard of [...]

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