All Chemical Peels Are Not Created Equal

This is a guest posting by Michele Dalton. Anyone who knows Michele knows she is passionate about chemical peels. In this article, Michele dispels the myths and misconceptions that scare many people off from peels.When you think of a chemical peel, what image pops into your mind? Is it Samantha from Sex and the City, with [...]

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My pet peeve

I've been noodling around on various spa and equipment websites and there's one thing that always puts my back up. Just about every equipment-based treatment gets referred to as a laser treatment.Lasers sound sexy. Think of James Bond, captured by the villain and facing a horrible death. Somehow the idea of a laser treatment sounds more [...]

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Welcome to Dr. Rose’s Blog

My name is Dr. Rose Jeans and I'm a medical doctor in Burlington, Ontario. I'm setting up this blog to provide a forum to discuss medical cosmetic treatments.A couple of years ago, I was sliding into middle age and really looking my age, if not older. I was busy with my work, which included working in [...]

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