Accent radiofrequency on the face

We do a really amazing Accent facial here. We developed a protocol that gives results that you can see right away.Accent radiofrequency treatments have no downtime. In fact, this would be an excellent treatment to do on the day of a big event to look a smoother and tighter.Here are some pictures: BEFORE What I see [...]

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Who knew?

I just found this article on the Health Canada website. It gives some general considerations you should think about when considering a laser or IPL treatment.Here's an excerpt:Minimizing Your RiskThe best way to minimize your risk is to make informed decisions based upon thorough research. Find out whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure [...]

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Progress with Sculptra

We've been doing a lot of Sculptra since the beginning of February and I have to say that I'm thrilled with the results.If you remember, I mentioned the volume of fluid that the Sculptra is diluted in gives you a preview of what the Sculptra will eventually do. This fluid is absorbed and disappears in 2 [...]

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Budgeting for medical cosmetic treatments

I witnessed an interesting situation between a married couple the other day. One spouse has been having various treatments here, getting amazing results and is happy as a clam with how things are going. The other spouse would like to have some treatments but feels that they can't afford them. The latter was actually radiating hostility [...]

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Important scheduling information

We're planning to close Advanced Rejuvenation for the weekend of June 20 - 22, 2008 so that all of our team can attend a very special event.We will keep extended hours during the week preceding so that we can accommodate everyone's treatments so I hope that the folks who are used to coming on a Friday [...]

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If you could change anything…

You may have noticed that I had put a poll in the right-hand column inviting people to vote on whether they would like to be chosen for the 10 Years Younger program. I had to take the poll down because it wasn't counting votes properly so here is your opportunity to express yourself.Would you like to [...]

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Here it is: 10 Years Younger!

How would you like to spend a month having the attentions of a group of people who want to help you look 10 years younger?Here is your chance to undergo a life-changing transformation.You will have treatments here at Advanced Rejuvenation including photofacials, Pixel lasers, radiofrequency, peels, fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic, according to your priorities and the [...]

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It’s coming very soon

Keep your eyes on this page. We have a very special announcement coming soon.Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you looked older than you expected? Have you ever watched those makeover shows and thought you might like to have all that stuff done to you?Your chance is coming up!Tomorrow you will be able [...]

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What’s in a skincare regimen?

No matter what brand of skincare products you are using, your regimen can be broken into 3 components: cleansing, treatment and protection.CleansingThis first stage comprises the cleanser and toner or astringent.The cleanser must be effective at removing dirt, sebum, oil and makeup but gentle enough to avoid stripping the skin completely of oils or irritating the [...]

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Do you have a question?

So far I have been posting on topics according to whatever seems timely or interesting to me but now I am curious about you folks reading the blog (the stats tell me you're out there) and wondering what you'd like to know about me and Advanced Rejuvenation.I put the instructions for getting a gmail account in [...]

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