It’s January — time to think about New Year’s resolutions. The feasts of the holiday season seem to lead naturally to thoughts of trimming and toning your figure in January, don’t they?

If you want help with losing inches, smoothing out cellulite or tightening sagging skin, I highly recommend Accent RF (radiofrequency) treatments.

You might have heard of Thermage, another form of radiofrequency treatments. Thermage treatments have a reputation of being extremely painful.

Accent is not painful. My clients describe it as feeling like a warm massage.

In our current culture of demanding instant gratification, Accent (and Thermage) has gotten a bad rap because it takes time to see the results from the treatments. That’s because it is your body doing the work, such as making new collagen, that produces the results. It takes time for your body to produce enough collagen that you can see significant tightening.

About 18 months ago, we introduced a program for Accent treatments called the Accent Membership. The program entitles the client to an Accent treatment every week for a year.

With the membership, you as the client go into it with the expectation that the results will take time to appear so you’re not disappointed after 4 treatments if you can’t see much difference.

The thing that is really great about the membership is that you get to choose what area is treated each week.

Let’s say your tummy is the thing that bugs you the most. You start your membership having all of your treatments on your tummy.

Now if you are a poor responder to Accent, you know you can have up to 52 treatments on your tummy so you will definitely have results at the end of one year.

If you are a good responder to Accent, you might have 8 treatments on your tummy and then be able to work on the rest of your body. Over the course of one year, you’ll be able to tighten your tummy, your arms, your thighs, your chin, your back fat, wherever you want.

We have had so much interest in the Accent Membership that we are now introducing 3-month and 6-month membership options.

If your goals for 2009 include toning and tightening your body, an Accent Membership is a safe, comfortable and economical way to help you reach your goal.