Why is Emsculpt Neo the hottest new treatment for body sculpting? Emsculpt Neo not only gets rid of fat; it also increases muscle so you lose inches and you’re more toned.

That translates into looking and feeling stronger.

What is Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo combines radiofrequency energy to shrink fat, and electromagnetic stimulation of muscles to strengthen the muscles. A half hour treatment on the abdomen is like doing 20,000 perfect situps.

In studies published in medical journals, the thickness of subcutaneous fat decreases by about 30% at the 3 month follow up after a course of treatment, and the thickness of the muscle increases by about 25% in the same timeframe.

55 yr old female before and 3 months after Emsculpt Neo treatments

Why is this timeframe important?

A few years ago, there was a treatment for reducing fat that seemed miraculous. The company was reporting multiple inches lost with the treatments but it turned out that the treatment was emptying out the fat cells temporarily, and the fat cells quickly refilled when you stopped your treatments.

So having results that persist for months after the treatments shows that these are real, lasting changes.

The other aspect of the timeframe is that our bodies take time to make the changes stimulated by the treatment. This treatment stimulates the fat cells to go into a programmed cell death (‘apoptosis’ for my fellow science nerds) and stimulates the muscles to make new muscle fibres. These processes take time.

Male before and 3 months after treatments with Emsculpt Neo

How is the treatment done?

Emsculpt Neo is usually done as 4 weekly half hour treatments.

You lie flat and a strap is wrapped around the treatment area. The treatment paddles slide under the strap and are held in place. The paddles do not move during the treatment.

The radiofrequency energy turns on first to warm up the muscles and fat so you feel the treatment area getting warmer. Then the electromagnetic stimulation turns on. It feels like taps moving around on the treatment area and then you feel muscle contractions.

For me, it was a strange sensation but never painful.

Afterwards, your skin and fat feel warm for a while, and your muscles may feel like you just had a good workout.

Benefits of Emsculpt Neo

  • Decreases thickness of subcutaneous fat
  • Increases thickness of muscle
  • Treats all of the muscles in the area, e.g. all of the muscles in the abdomen, not just the 6-pack
  • Kills fat cells
  • Makes muscles stronger
  • Shrinks diastasis recti, the split between the right and left muscles of the abdomen
  • Shrinks visceral fat, the fat inside the body cavity around the organs

What sets Emsculpt Neo apart from the copycat systems?

Of course, the real Emsculpt Neo is produced to a higher standard so all of the components are better made and last longer — but you may not care about that as a patient receiving a treatment. However, where the difference really counts is the programming of the paddles to treat different areas.

The arrangement of the muscles differs depending on the body part we’re treating. For the abdomen, we have layers of muscles to tone, including the rectus muscle (6-pack) and the internal and external obliques. All of these muscles are stimulated and toned during an Emsculpt treatment.

The scientists at Emsculpt Neo have put a lot of work into optimizing the muscle stimulation delivered by the paddles, for each different treatment area. In fact, we’re expecting more and more treatment areas to be added to the menu of what we can do, as the programming is perfected.

You might get some results from a copycat system but you’re going to get the best possible results from the Emsculpt Neo.


Emsculpt Neo offers real advantages over existing fat reduction treatments in that it also tones and strengthens the muscles, and reduces fat inside the body cavity, not just under the skin. The treatment is safe with only minor side effects. The changes in your body appear gradually over time, and are sustained for months afterwards. Careful programming has gone into the muscle stimulation pattern for each body area, in order to give you optimal results.